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Friday, May 3, 2013

Is the MIC really in bed with the homosexuals? (Yes I just said that.)

Very interesting take, but I think a more accurate way to put it is they've conquered the LGBT LOBBIES. Politically speaking, the LGBT have won. DADT is dead and buried and no one even pretends to miss it, gay marriage is almost guaranteed to be ruled in favor of by the SCOTUS in a couple of months, and the LGBT's only remaining political opponents are small bands of inbred rednecks from flyover states picketing funerals to disseminate medieval superstition. I'm not kidding myself regarding the cultural and economic hardships faced by the LGBT community; those will continue for decades, much like racial discrimination and inequality remain rampant 45 years after Civil Rights Acts. But the '60s of the LGBT movement are over - everything that could be gained through politics has been accomplished. So, much like the NAACP turned from serious and courageous advocates for human rights to an annoying beacon of political hypocrisy; the likes of GLAAD now stand at a cross-roads of slipping into obscurity or seeking out top-down organization and rich donors.

Meanwhile, the MIC has money to spend but nobody likes them - Republicans are filibustering their crony politicians' appointments, Democrats are turning against their party establishment's belligerent security policy; the popularity of Bush Jr's apeshit response to 9/11 is a distant dream. But hey, Drone Warrior Obama is inaccurately hailed by LGBT lobbies as a champion of LGBT rights and the MIC already has his balls in a jar - so one is getting married for status, the other for the dowry; it's legal now after all. I should remind Americans that until the late 1960s, the REPUBLICAN Party was associated with advancing racial equality. We are about to witness a similar political polarity shift as rank and file LGBT voters paradoxically throw their support behind the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. These ultra-conservative politicians are NOT advocating the reversal of any LGBT victories, but they ARE radically opposed to Obama's new friendship with Halliburton and Lockheed Martin. And when this happens, the LGBT lobbies will be stuck in the Statist fringes much like Jesse Jackson and Louis Farahkan - trying to garner support by rekindling an old, burnt candle that no one takes seriously.


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