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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Immigration "Reform"?

OK, let's talk about this immigration "reform":

1. We have a slew of imbecilic laws that comprise our 'closed border' policy. There is absolutely 0 reason to believe these laws can succeed - not one example exists in history. The ideology behind closed borders quite frankly belongs in the garbage, and I refuse to suspend my reasonable understanding of social science so its patrons can maintain their faith in it. Prove it can work; your vomit-inducing 'nationalist' ignorance doesn't cut it.

2. We waste billions of taxpayer dollars a year on the delusional "enforcement" of these laws. Half an hour of perusing illegal immigration and smuggling statistics will demonstrate we have absolutely nothing to show for these efforts. 0. Prohibition had better results. However, the increased costs of illegal entry empower and enrich smugglers and human traffickers - so if you're out there screaming 'secure our borders!', remember that the blood of every person victimized by Mexico's drug cartel war is on YOUR hands.

3. Every time the costs of this lunacy become too much to ignore, the idea of "compromise" is to forgive everyone that has broken these laws - a full concession that the laws are completely unenforceable, and a general message that obedience to laws is voluntary - and then waste billions more in doomed attempts to enforce the laws.

This is one of those issues where I'm 'radical' because both sides suggestions are comprised entirely of unfounded popular idiocy; my position is incomprehensible to most because it's based on observable facts and logical inquiry. We need to open the borders, yesterday, completely and unconditionally, like we had for the majority of our history. Protecting OTHER imbecilic and obsolete policies (14th Amendment, labor protection, farm subsidies, the welfare state, etc.) is not justification for more failed laws; these too need to be adjusted or abolished to catch up with reality.


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