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Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to 1984 Massachusetts - and you STILL aren't safe.

So, Massachusetts looks like a scene out of an Orwell novel - armored personnel carriers in the streets, checkpoints, orders for people not to leave their houses - and yet law enforcement managed to sustain a casualty in killing one suspect, and the other continues to evade them like the Roadrunner evades the Coyote. And he's an AMATEUR. Using the same equipment and tactics at an unguarded civilian event that the Taliban has been kicking our asses with in a declared war zone - they killed 3 people, sloppily enough to have their pictures all over TV in less than a week. Every innocent death and injury is a tragedy; but if that was the work of global terrorist operatives - Al-Qaeda has REALLY fallen on hard times.

So, either our 19-y-o Chechen is Copperfield's lost protege; OR the law enforcement agencies are incompetent, uncoordinated, and more concerned with the opportunity to play with their fancy toys and power than with doing their jobs. You choose. This would be a good time for some arguments in favor of all the post-9/11 emergency response policy.

Oh, and PLEASE take his mug off the f* TV. You're encouraging every troubled teenager with access to fertilizer and a pressure cooker to pull a similar stunt. When will we learn?


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