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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tanking faith in government.... is a good thing!

Not a whole lot in the news today, so let's try a philosophical rant:

I'm hearing a lot of complaints about the loss of faith in politicians and Congress' tanking approval rating. Why is this a bad thing? Politicians have always been corrupt and incompetent - modern means of communication have merely made this abundantly apparent. Low approval and lack of trust mean accountability demands and high turnover; a phenomenon that is only bad for various entrenched interests that outlived their beneficence decades ago and rely on lifer politicians to stay funded. Sure, they could buy new politicians, but that gets expensive; and is tricky in an age when you can't pick your nose without a photograph appearing on facebook. The functions of these interests may not be expendable, but they are; and I gladly fiddle as I watch the bureaucracies and contractors burn to the ground with their "who will build the roads?" crap. Thoughts?


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