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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neurotoxin's Response to the Boston Bombing

(I waited 24 hours to avoid excess emotions, following Joe's advice after Newtown):

Watching the suffering of 100s of people indiscriminately targeted by some murdering psychopath fills me with rage as opposed to grief; because we as a society learn nothing from these experiences, insuring they will happen again, and again, and again. Within minutes of the explosion, co-dependent authoritarian politicians like NY Mayor Bloomberg had both hands on their Statist hard-ons; summoning thousands of law enforcement personnel, flushing $100,000s in taxpayer money, trampling on civil liberties, causing mass inconvenience, and throwing fuel on the hysteria. And then there's the knee-jerk fingerpointing aspect; the far right and the far left blaming each other, neocons and centrists re-living their Islamist terrorism fantasies. Get a clue; no one has any idea who did this, and after-the-fact police state responses only give the sick fuck who did this exactly what he wanted. It's called "terrorism" because it's intended to create hysteria and irrational behavior on a mass scale; look around you and tell me that wasn't accomplished. If you're truly aggrieved by this and want justice for the victims and their families, try to remember the Constitutional principles of limited government, personal freedom, and due process - the destruction of these things is what results from hysterical responses, and also what sets the stage for more such events.


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