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Friday, April 26, 2013

Neurototoxin Prediction: Boston bombings first nail in the coffin of the police state.

Despite the initial cheering of the blatantly unconstitutional means in Boston; the after-the-fact cultural backlash has even forced the mainstream media to openly report on it - a first since 9/11. Meanwhile, Obama finally decided to read the Constitution and ordered Tsarnaev tried as a civilian, and nanny-State advocates like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Graham are openly grilling law enforcement as incompetent for not having prevented this. I realize the latter are criticizing the system to make it even more draconian - but their criticisms resemble those of Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, and will backfire in terms of public opinion.

Public support for excess government power depends on an unfounded popular hysteria that it keeps us safe and we're doomed without it. That hysteria is already fading as Americans grow sick of the costs and civil liberty infringements; and this event and its aftermath will destroy faith in the alleged benefits. 2 Amateur Chechens managed to pull this off despite all the apeshit preventive security, and the long-overdue public thrashing of the FBI and DHS will demonstrate they are incapable of keeping us safe; even with all their fancy toys and excesses. The civilian trial will also remind Americans we already have the means to bring such psychopaths to justice, without treating them like warriors.

The aftermath (over several years) will be the repeal, constitutional overturn, allowed expiration, and de-funding of many agencies and provisions of the Patriot Act, NDAA, and so forth - resulting in an approach to national security similar to pre-9/11 levels. If you think this is impossible, I recommend some historical research. What happened to all the hysterical laws associated with the red scares of the 1920s and 1950s?


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