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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let me get this straight (Boston)...

So it took 1500+ guys decked out in paramilitary gear to catch one sloppy 19-y-o punk that had cowardly-retreated to bleed to death in someone's backyard; and they turned the entire State into a one-day prison to do it. This is NOT heroism. They're wasteful, unprofessional and incompetent; and law and order will collapse in a matter of days if they have to deal with a more formidable threat. The law enforcement agencies get 0 credit from me today, and if you're cheering them - I recommend you consider relocating to North Korea or Iran so you can feel secure under the canopy of the almighty State.


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  1. This is one instance where Toxin and I, and even my Progressive roommate, are in complete agreement. Shutting down a whole city and bashing people's doors in house to house to find one wounded man with a gun? That's a bit overkill, don't you think? We've already established that our government is OK drone striking and indefinitely detaining American citizens, and now with Boston we've established that they can declare martial law almost at the drop of a hat. This sort of overreach sets a dangerous precedent, and it seems like only the Hannity's and Rushes of the world are in favor of such gestapo tactics whilst simultaneously calling for government to "get off our backs." The hypocrisy is pretty obvious. --Joe