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Friday, March 22, 2013

Whom Would We Assist In Syria - AIDS or Cancer?

There's been a disturbing rise this week in Syria-related propaganda and calls for US intervention, so let's ask the ever-inconvenient question - WHO ARE THE GOOD GUYS?

A. Sunni fundamentalist insurgencies against the governments of Syria and Iraq, who are aligned with Al-Qaeda and funded by the Taliban and rogue elements of the Saudi, Pakistani, and Qatar governments.

B. The Shi'ite fundamentalist government of Iran, and their respective Shi'ite lapdogs in neighboring countries - Al-Assad in Syria, and the clown government we left in Iraq, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

If you think this is a poor pool of potential allies for the US; that's the point. If we arm/fund either side - they will decimate the other and then turn on us, just like they did in Afghanistan. Let them eat each other. The notion of intervening to "put moderates in charge and bring peace" has failed everywhere we've tried it. I DO feel compassion for the millions of people in those countries forced to live in the middle of a perpetual conflict between two brands of under-evolved fundamentalist idiocy - but they have to organize themselves politically to stop it, we can't do it for them and our presence only delays it.


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