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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Year 2004 Called...

....they want their police state fearmongering back. Neocons have had their asses handed to them for 4 consecutive elections, and it warms my heart to watch their dwindling remnants resort to desperate rhetoric that would have made Ghadhafi blush.

"He abused the filibuster [like 100s of other Senators have done]!" "Bush Jr. shredded the Constitution too [so that makes it OK for Obama to do so]!" Seriously, even McCain was above this once.

I can't even call these old authoritarian farts the "Republican establishment" anymore as even Reince Priebus backed Rand Paul, but I proudly promise to unapologetically divide the GOP until we've purged every last one of them. Paulbots have already demonstrated we have the means and the resolve for this by destroying Romney; and the likes of McCain and Rove crying like little girls only makes us happier to do so.


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