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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The World Is A Better Place Without Hugo Chavez

Good riddance to a ruthless, hypocritical, self-enriching dictator. It sickens me to watch people celebrate Hugo Chavez as if he were some popular propagator of equality and freedom. Every election Chavez won except the first one was the result of repressions and extravagant fraud, and every supposed piece of evidence for his humanitarian and economic success and even his popularity is invariably traceable back to his own massive propaganda machine and his government's fabricated data. Venezuela saw such "success" that he accepted millions in aid from the same "imperialist pigs" he claimed to oppose just to stay functional. An argument that falls back on a large, convoluted, and artificially diverse volume of lies as evidence is STILL COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

There are many brands of popular ignorance used to marginalize such sharp criticism of Chavez, so allow me to address the 3 most logically flawed I've had thrown at me so far.

- "He was true to his beliefs."
So were Hitler, Mussolini, Ghadhafi, and Kim Il Sung. I'm not convinced Chavez's 'beliefs' were anything more than a front for personal gain, but even giving him the benefit of the doubt does not justify his behavior anymore than it does the list of psychopaths above.

- "You just didn't like him because he was a socialist."
Europe has many legitimately elected socialists and while I criticize them vehemently, I do not wish death on them nor would I rejoice in it. I don't like him because he squelched democracy and dissent to empower and enrich himself and a small elite like the Castros, Putin, and Lukashenko.

- "His opposition was equally ruthless and corrupt."
While largely true, how is this relevant? How does this or even his alleged opposition to US economic colonization justify his behavior? There don't have to be good guys in politics, get out of this fairy-tale line of thinking.

I may sound radical and inhumane to some of you for this post, but in time you will see I'm merely ahead of the curve. Just as the reaction to Stalin's death in 1953 initially brought mass-mourning and a reserved, "balanced" approach to his legacy; in 10 years history will accurately label Hugo Chavez a despicable piece of human garbage. I simply refuse to placate the popular ignorance created by his own cult of hypocrisy, and call him a piece of trash TODAY.


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