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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Sequester, 1 Week Later

OK, so, 1 week into the Sequester, what have we?

1. The DHS released 100s of people it had detained indefinitely for civil offenses, with no access to due process, at YOUR expense.
2. The TSA admitted that pocket knives, miniature bats, toothpicks, baby bottles, and the buggers out of your nose are unlikely to serve as weapons of mass destruction; and is now allowing them on planes.
3. A Republican-controlled House passed the first serious proposal in 20 years to modernize and prioritize defense spending.
4. Social service agencies all over the country are shifting their efforts from demanding more government funds to demanding less restrictive regulations to allow them to operate more efficiently on available funds - a crucial new ally against the regulatory insanity that plagues this country.
5. NOT ONE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO CAME TRUE. No hordes of dependent populations dying in the streets, no massive international crisis due to a weakened defense, no macro-economic catastrophe, no spiking food prices, NOTHING. Federal employee furloughs are NOT an emergency - welcome to the real world where the rest of us face unemployment, reduced benefits, furloughs at local and State levels, etc.

GOVERNMENT WASTE IS A CANCER, AND IF WE WANT IT TO SHRINK, WE HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO CUT, POISON, AND IRRADIATE OURSELVES JUST A LITTLE. Give me 10 more such Sequesters - it should now be abundantly apparent that anyone who predicts disastrous consequences from them is either clueless, or completely full of shit.


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