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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Next Federalism Battle: Abortion

Abortion is heading back to the Supreme Court. Contrary to the panic of some pro-choice activist friends of mine - the SCOTUS has been on a Federalist binge in recent years and will likely uphold Roe vs Wade or even make it stronger. However, as we have witnessed with Obamacare, NDAA, and marijuana - States are smelling the blood of an overexerted Federal government; and such a ruling will usher in another wave of nullification that makes unlikely allies out of cannabis enthusiasts and pro-life evangelicals who both resent mind-numbing Federal standardization.

My views on abortion are complicated and I won't dilute this post with them. But this REALLY doesn't bode well for Obama groupies whose faith in Federalism makes them incapable of logical inquiry. Read a history book - the taken-for-granted hyper-Federalization is only about 40 years old; and completely unsustainable.


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