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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand's filibuster

I proudly support Rand Paul's filibuster of the confirmation of pro-extrajudicial killing John Brennan as CIA director; but I want to point out a few misconceptions I've seen among fellow supporters.

1. The Federal Executive branch has always targeted US citizens extrajudicially. As modern information makes this difficult to do without facing massive political fallout; the last 3 Presidents have ...made some spectacularly insulting attempts to legitimize it.

2. This filibuster is groundbreaking as the first attempt by a legislator to put a stop to these practices; but nevertheless it is openly challenging the legitimization, not a new practice.

3. Dr. Paul won a MAJOR victory. Brennan is just another jackass in a long line, his confirmation is uneventful. However, Paul's challenge united civil liberty advocates on both sides of the aisle behind him and adorned every opponent - first and foremost Obama - with an "I support the extrajudicial murder of US citizens" badge. Said badges will cause mainstream politicians massive problems in coming months, and Rand is laying the groundwork to give BOTH party establishments a long-overdue Reagan-style beating in 2016. I just hope he sticks to his principles if he is the next President.


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  1. I was all ready to make fun of whatever Rand was filibustering until I actually turned it on and heard him talking about drone strikes in the US. The idea that we're just supposed to be OK with suspending Posse Comitatus and allowing robots of doom from the sky to kill people by Executive fiat without charges, due process, etc, is horrifying and I'm glad Dr. Paul is drawing so much attention to it. Much as I dislike the man on any other day, on THIS day we're allies in the fight against the flagrant burning of the Constitution and the Orwellian nightmare that will be created if we allow it to pass unchallenged.