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Saturday, March 2, 2013

My latest thought on the Sequester

Obama and Dems doubled down on letting it go into effect and hoping Repubs get blamed; giving them an edge in the looming budget fight. They made 0 effort to stop it, but put all their resources toward scaremongering about how terrible the cuts will be. Mainstream Repubs tried to do it back; but spending on defense and immigrant detention centers is so horrendously unpopular that scaremongering about cutting it went nowhere.

This tactic will backfire and the Tea Party will score another massive victory. In the last opinion poll, supporters of the Sequester outnumbered opponents 2-1. When the Dems' "scary" fails to materialize - that gap will widen. The Dems have had very little success in recent budget battles by exaggerating and lying about the doom of cuts and shutdowns w/out them actually happening. The idea that they'll do better with voters having a month post-cut to see they were lying is pretty silly.


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