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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich, Round 42

Watching the latest budget battle is like watching 2 schizhophrenics argue over which of them is Jesus.

Obama's "let's all die together" plan is NOT compassion. He acknowledges the government continuing to outspend its revenue 2-to-1 will result in an economic meltdown, and his provision to avoid this is 'producing growth'. Well government spending does not produce growth, EVER - so he is saying "bring on the meltdown" that will disproportionately hurt vulnerable populations he claims concern for. Pushing proven-to-fail policies on faith does not make you a "visionary" - it makes you a selfish hypocrite willing to sacrifice others for your emotional comfort.

Then there's Paul Ryan with a solution as simple as his mind - balance the budget via massive cuts to Federally-funded benefits, and recipients can "seek alternatives". WHAT F* ALTERNATIVES? 100 years of regulatory insanity has destroyed any capacity for the free market to produce alternati...ves, and Ryan has no intention of touching those regulations as THAT would bankrupt the corporations holding his leash. Moral hazards notwithstanding, Ryan's plan will produce massive civil unrest from starved Americans unable to obtain necessities - and as appealing as I find the vision of his little sociopath grin on a pike at the hands of rioting mobs, that is NOT the America I want to live in.

We don't have to accept any compromise between these 2 disasters. There are many other options, but in order for them to get adequate representation, existing politicians must be purged in droves. Gridlock has been proven to do just that, so I say bring on more shutdowns and sequesters and let the Obamas and Ryans destroy each other. The short-term costs are well worth it.


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