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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cyprus Rejects Bond Slavery - Cheers To That


While tiny Cyprus is [unfortunately] not likely to melt the global banking system by itself, this sets a powerful precedent. It is now the first country to flatly refuse to hand over its sovereignty to save the ban...ks - both its own and foreign. Others will get brave now and do the same thing; allowing the banks worldwide to drown and likely drag the abomination known as the EU down with them.

Banks are private corporations their bad investments are THEIR responsibility; not the taxpayers'. "Too big to fail/jail" is pure speculation. Let the banks go bankrupt and lock up the executives who are discovered to be felons in the process; nothing will happen to the little people except the benefit of the next generation of bankers not wanting to join the previous in prison. THAT is how the free market polices itself; stop blaming it if your psychotic Keynesian fear and faith in bureaucracy are keeping it from working.


Link to story.

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