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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bureaucrats With Tanks are Only Scary For My Wallet

To all those terrified by the news of the DHS and some local law enforcement acquiring military grade weapons and armored vehicles, I pose this question - if you put glasses on a dog, could he read?

Giving a bureaucrat technology does not make up for the gap in training, discipline, and commitment between he and a soldier. Law enforcement mostly operates on intimidation. They're "badasses" against disabled little girls at the airport, but encountering even one person who is trained and NOT intimidated (i.e. Chris Dorner) - they shit themselves. In the ME, the heavily equipped law enforcements in country after country were subdued in a matter of days by a bunch of kids wielding homemade Molotov cocktails. US citizens are MUCH better armed; and we have millions of ex-military who are trained and have the discipline NOT to tolerate the potential excesses. I personally don't see the confrontation actually happening, but in case of a massive citizen vs government standoff - most of the DHS's new toys would be in the hands of rebel militias in a matter of hours.


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