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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An open message to everyone currently sporting an equal sign for a profile picture

I support gay marriage and homosexuals' equality under the law as ardently as you do, but I warn you that our almost certain victory in the Supreme Court will be hollow and not yield the desired outcomes. States from coast to coast are nullifying everything from drug prohibition to Obamacare to potential gun bans, and the entire South and a number of other red States will nullify this in a matter of weeks. In order for the Federal govenment to beat State nullufication, it has to use force - in the Civil Rights era this required no less than deployment of the military, and it succeeded because the State governments in the South were abjectly corrupt and wildly unpopular with their general constituencies. Today the Federal government is bankrupt and wildly unpopular; and nullification is a multi-issue, multi-State phenomenon that spans the political spectrum. Expecting para-troopers to go protect homosexuals in front of some backwards Alabama church is simply wishful thinking. Please, get your minds out of the 1960s, join the 21st century, and stop pretending the Federal government as some arbiter of liberty.


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