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Friday, March 29, 2013

An Analysis Of the Renewed Focus on Sandy Hook

Watching Sandy Hook re-enter the spotlight as investigation documents are released to the media just confirms everything I've said about it for months:

1. I do NOT endorse any conspiracy theory that this was somehow staged or didn't happen. But the scale of inconsistencies and supposed findings that defy reality speaks volumes about the incompetence and laziness of law enforcement. The argument that civilian gun ownership is unnecessary in the modern US implies this bureaucracy's reliability; THE SAME BUREAUCRACY THAT CAN'T PIECE TOGETHER A CONSISTENT INVESTIGATION OF A BELLIGERENT PSYCHOPATH WHO LEFT AN ORGY OF EVIDENCE. Yea, I sleep better knowing those clowns are watching over me.

2. The supposed co-incidence of the document release with the pending Senate vote on new legislation is downright laughable. THAT does not require a conspiracy, merely a meeting between CT and Federal stakeholders who want to abuse this to push through new legislation. They knew perfectly well that support for it would drop before they could craft it, and thought a little renewed media attention to the "gory details" at the right time would be helpful.

3. As I said the day after the massacre, new gun control measures are still not happening as a result. Obama's intelligence-insulting shaming of Americans about having "forgotten the children" will not stand up to the wide variety of opposition arguments; and the incompetence of the investigation actually provides better flak for various opponents. Like the law enforcement involved, Obama isn't some conspiring dictator looking to restrict our liberties - he's just clueless. His post-election strategy for everything including this has been an attempt at top-down culture change; a strategy that didn't even work for Stalin or Mao who had mass-repression at their disposal, and no social media for opponents to deconstruct their propaganda.


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