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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The next person to complain to me...

...that supporting the Sequester is inhumane and cite a victim population of the cuts is seriously going through the nearest available glass pane. Here is a list of 10 loose expenditures the Federal government could cut that no American will miss that isn't directly employed by them:

- The F-35
- Our military presence in Uganda
- Every last agricultural subsidy
- Green energy production (NOT research) subsidies
- Depreciation tax credits for finite raw materials (i.e. oil)
- Foreign aid to Zimbabwe, Belarus, and North Korea.
- Massive # of beds in Federal prisons via amnesty for non-violent drug offenders.

With all these options, why are politicians always threatening to raise taxes or cut services to the poor/sick, education, and military benefits? Because the politicians themselves have a vested interest in government waste, and hold things Americans care about hostage to protect it. This is called RACKETEERING and is a form of terrorism; so follow our government's own protocol and don't negotiate with it. Force the politicians to follow through on cuts that hurt people and watch what happens to them in the next election - except it won't happen because they will miraculously find things nobody likes to cut once their bluff is called.


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